Ariel Series | Wind Through LED Display
The Ariel Series has been designed as a wind through LED Display using strip LEDs on an alumnium cabinet. Typically the Ariel Series is used for further viewing distance projects using pixel pitches 25,31 and 50mm. The cabinets have been equipped with rental rig and click clamps for quick and easy installation and can be used either indoor/outdoor.

Callisto Series – Outdoor SMD
Callisto Series is a high brightness outdoor LED display using SMD RGB configuration. This Outdoor LED display can be integrated across a multitude of application such as billboards, sports perimeter, events and many more.

Billboard Series. – Outdoor DIP (IP67)
Clients require and expect their Outdoor DIP LED Displays to operate continuously for extensive periods of time in a broad range of environments. At Pledco we understand the importance of reliability, this  is the keystone of all our solutions, and the driving force of our organization.

ADTENTUS SERIES – Power Saving LED Display Billboard
LED Displays
in our Adventus series incorporates our innovated power saving technology that is rapidly replacing standard LED display billboards. The Adtentus saves more than 150% in power consumption costs in comparison to a SMD Billboard.

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