Triangle Series

Creative Series

Cube Series

Sphere Series

Cylinder Series

Triangle Series | Custom Triangle Displays
Our Triangle Series can be spliced into different shaped polygons according to any project requirements. At Pledco we have numerous Triangle PCBs to select from, which ensures that your custom LED display concepts can be achieved without having to deal with delayed molding lead times.

Creative Series | Customized & Uniquely Shaped Displays
We provide an endless supply of Creative LED displays allowing our clients to take their concepts into reality. Our custom engineering and unique designs have taken the LED display industry by storm, and at Pledco we can design, develop, engineer and manufacture an eye-catching product that will be sure to leave the viewer’s in awe.

Cube Series | Custom Cube Displays
Our custom LED Cube Displays are fully front accessible for easy maintenance by using our magnetic modular design. During the design phase we make it our goal to provide a seamless 90-degree angle custom cube display that is typically integrated into Sports Arena, concerts, Casinos, Live Broadcasting, Shopping Malls and Exhibitions.

Sphere Series | Custom Circular Sphere Displays
Our Customized LED Sphere Displays have been highly sought out by our entertainment industry clientele. The uniqueness of a customized full HD sphere is perfect for the entrance of any Hotel Lobby, Sports Arena, Casinos, Airport, Museum or Shopping Mall. Our specialty for the sphere series has added a touch of design with a mirror overlay allowing us to differentiate ourselves in the market.

Cylinder Series | Custom Ribbon/Cylinder Displays
Our customized Cylinder / Ribbon Displays deliver an astonishing 360-degrees viewing experience while creating pristine imagery using our FULL HD resolution. Cylinder / Ribbon Displays are perfect for Sports Arenas, Shopping Malls, Airports, Hotels, Casinos and Museums. We can design various shapes using a ribbon and/or pillar design depending on your environment’s integration requirements.

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