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PERIMETER SERIES | Collapsible LED Display
Perimeter Series  is a combination of two 960mm x 768mm cabinets from our Callisto Series. The panel has been specifically designed as a light weight and rugged LED Display solution for quick and easy installation with the capability to withstand extreme punishment.

Perimeter Series | Collapsible LED Display

The PERIMETER SERIES features a collapsible outdoor LED panel primarily used for sports events. However, this product has been specifically designed and developed to integrate into a multitude of applications such as rental, perimeter and fixed. Users have the option to choose which application they will integrate their outdoor LED display by selecting from a variety of add-on components such as; rental connectors and clamps, perimeter cushion base or fixed install fixation points. The panel has been specifically designed as a light weight and rugged solution for quick and easy installation but the capability to withstand extreme punishment.

Key Features

  • COLLAPSIBLE TECHNOLOGY: Impact resistant panels designed with cushion foam and treated LED encapsulation ensuring player safety & display durability.
  • RIG & CLICK INSTALLATION: Zero tool panels have been designed for time sensitive events. The rig and click panel connection and adjustable hanging bracket create a seamless display.
  • FRONT MAINTENANCE: Users can easily repair panels without compromising the location of the panel’s installation.
  • MULTITUDE OF INTEGRATION OPTIONS: Rental, Perimeter or Fixed.
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS: 7500+ Nits (12,000 nits full brightness white).
  • WATER AND DUST PROOF: IP67 certified.
  • HEAT DISSIPATION EFFICIENT: Dissipates less heat due to lower LED currents.
  • FULL REDUNDANCY SIGNAL: Zero down time during screen operating time.



Pledco’s impact resistant Perimeter Series LED display panels have been specifically designed with a protective foam cushion to ensure player safety. Our rugged perimeter base allows the LED display panels to softly collapse with the use of a specialty spring.  We have taken all  major risk factors into account prior to development and testing, and have proven our Perimeter Series is the safest in the industry.   Most importantly our LEDs are encapsulated in a patented protective lens which guarantees zero damage upon unintentional contact.  

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