Video Floor Series | Indoor/Outdoor
Pledco’s Video Floor Series is a revolutionary product designed for both fixed and rental applications. With the ability to withstand over 2000KG of weight this product is your ideal choice for runway events, concerts and even basketball floors. Our easy installation design uses a suction cup tool which enables the end-user to simply fasten and integrate the floor into nearly any environment.

TV SERIES | Ultra HD TV 140” | P1.6mm
Pledco’s P1.6mm UHD LED Display has been designed and developed specifically for office building entrances, conference/meeting rooms and indoor signage. The ultra high definition quality of our LEDs ensures crisp and pristine imagery for maximum exposure. Typically used to replace existing video walls our UHD LED displays provide a powerful lasting impact on viewers.

Atom Series | Transparent Glass LED Display
Atom Series displays become undetectable when viewing from 5 meters and beyond. The displays’ high resolution allows for incredible graphics and motion effects that combine with transparency in ways that give artists and designers new possibilities for their creative vision, and with more than 80% transparency.

Mesh Series | Indoor/Outdoor Curtain
Pledco’s M Series (M55) has been designed to provide up to 65% transparency which enables your designers with a touch of creative inspiration to work with. Weighing a mere 4KG per SQM the M Series can be installed with little effort required. Simply choose your desired design and the panels can easily adjust to satisfy your client’s request.

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