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TELESTO SERIES | Indoor LED Display (P4.36mm+)
The Telesto Series  is Pledco’s prestigious high-end LED display solution for indoor applications. System integrators typically install our Telesto Series in shopping malls, airports or financial applications. The Telesto Series is able to withstand intense humidity by using a special patented technology for extended longevity.

TELESTO SERIES | Indoor LED Display (P4.36mm+)

The Telesto Series is our Indoor LED display cabinet primarily used for high-end indoor projects which require ONLY the highest quality for installation. Airports, shopping malls, exhibitions, sporting arenas and many other applications are ideal for the Telesto Series, as this prestigious product line projects pristine imagery with extreme clarity and crisp picture. Also, the Telesto Series allows users to integrate the cabinet into a fixed, rental or perimeter product, and is offered in both front and rear access. To allow users to integrate their display for a custom installation we have developed an array of multiple cabinets sizes with the standard being 768mm x 768mm using a 384mm x 192mm tile. Some of our more notable projects have been custom designed and integrated at numerous worldwide Fortune 500 company headquarters.

Key Features

  • COLOR & BRIGHTNESS CALIBRATION: Fully calibrated to meet REC709 and REC2020 calibration standards.
  • FULL REDUNDANCY SIGNAL: Zero down time during screen operating time.
  • HOT SWAPPABLE PSU: Equipped with dual-power supply and dynamic load system ensures the show will continue to go on.
  • REAL TIME MONITORING: Able to monitor and auto-adjust temperature, voltage/power consumption, data and many other aspects in real time.
  • MULTI-CABINET SIZES: Enables end-user with the flexibility to customize their LED displays size.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & RUGGED: Sleek aluminium profile strong enough to withstand extreme weight from a hanging or fixed installation.
  • QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION: Zero tools needed for installation with our click and rig components.


Available Pitches (mm)

  • 4.36
  • 5.33
  • 6
  • 8
  • 9.6
  • 10.6
  • 12
  • 16

Telesto Series Specs


The Telesto Series’ Indoor LED Display cabinet has a sleek aluminium cabinet which has been CNC processed to ensure a precise and durable cabinet alignment. Our cabinets seamlessly connect ensuring there is less than a <0.2mm tolerance while projecting a stunning uniform image.

indoor led display tolerance


The Telesto Series’ Indoor LED Display cabinet has the ability to project high levels of grey while maintaining low brightness. The grayscale comparison can be seen below to prove our technology’s pristine imagery. Standard LED display cabinets fail to reach high levels of grey scale due to low quality engineering from their software and calibration, however Pledco’s advanced software, control system and calibration enables us to reach these picturesque levels while maintaining low brightness.

indoor led display grey level


The Telesto Series’ Indoor LED Display cabinet is HD Broadcast compatible for television recording. Our ultra-high refresh rates ensure when broadcasting live television the LED display stays flicker free but more importantly continues to project pristine imagery.  In addition all our HD LED display are fully equipped with a full redundancy control system to ensure zero downtime during a live event.

indoor led display broadcasting

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