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Billboard Series  – Outdoor DIP (IP67)
Clients require and expect their Outdoor DIP LED Displays to operate continuously for extensive periods of time in a broad range of environments. At Pledco we understand the importance of reliability, this  is the keystone of all our solutions, and the driving force of our organization.

Billboard Series, | Outdoor DIP (IP67)

Our BILLBOARD SERIES features only the best components, all of which are tested and verified in our state-of-the-art calibration factory. With thousands of displays installed around the world, Pledco has a vast technical expertise in a broad range of climates and operational environments.

Key Features

  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS:  6000+ Nits (12,000 nits full brightness white).
  • WATER AND DUST PROOF: IP67 certified.
  • HEAT DISSIPATION EFFICIENT:  Dissipates less heat due to lower LED currents.
  • FULL REDUNDANCY SIGNAL: Zero down time during screen operating time.
  • HOT SWAPPABLE PSU: Equipped with  dual-power supply and dynamic load system ensures the show will continue to go on.
  • REAL TIME MONITORING: Able to monitor and auto-adjust temperature, voltage/power consumption, data and many other aspects in real time.
  • MULTI-CABINET SIZES: Enables end-user with the flexibility to customize their LED displays size.
  • INCREASED SIGN DURABILITY: Lower LED currents which in turn put less stress on the LED wear and tear.
  • COLOR & BRIGHTNESS CALIBRATION: Fully calibrated to meet REC709 and REC2020 calibration standards.

Available Pitches (mm)

  • 10
  • 13
  • 16
  • 20
  • 26

billboard series specs


Pledco can help you decide what is the best and most suitable pixel pitch for your Billboard. We have a standardized process to choose the correct pixel pitch , and maximize the capability of the LED display Billboard. The viewing distance and the height in which the LED display is from ground level play crucial factors choosing a LED display billboard. At Pledco we take numerous variables into consideration before proposing various pixel pitch options for you to choose from.

The image below depicts the ideal pixel pitch depending upon viewing distance.

led display billboard pixel


Pledco offers a wide range of sizes for YOUR LED display’s billboard. Whether you desire our wide, tall or landscape series Pledco can customize the actual size of the LED display’s billboard.

Below is an image of various standardized LED display billboard sizes, however we are also able to cater to any customized size depending upon request:



Pledco offers a wide range of frame sizes to allow YOU to customize YOUR LED display billboard into any shape or size you desire.



Our Control System can run on-line (synchronous) as well as off-line (asynchronous). The displays can be accessed, controlled as well as monitored online thanks to our unique, reliable and stable Linux-based platform.

asynchronous system




The system monitors every LED lamp and Power Supply, with the ability to notify immediately upon failure. This highly innovative function ensures continuous display up-time. In case of failure, your displays’ control system can send a SMS or an e-mail, and inform you of the exact error in occurring.




All X & Y coordinates are kept in our client project database. When you order new tiles for an existing project we retrieve the original X & Y coordinates. This ensures during calibration all colors are matched properly. Typically in video mode you will not see any color differences, however when white is at 50% brightness the user may see a slight difference in color.


After calibrating with our Radiant PM-1400F Calibration System in a dark room, the wave length difference for each color will only be less than 0.01nm. Our patented control system allows users to select several different color spaces such as; 2k (REC709), 4K (REC2020) or create your own color space by using our user-friendly software.


The same batch of LED’s with discrete distribution are all moved to PAL Mode Chroma Area through color coordinate calibration Technology. Since each LED batch produced has different coordinates this requires precise color calibration, which in turn allows:

1. Allows the LED display to show natural and vivid colors. 

2. Ensures that all LEDs have been color rendered


If an single pixel fails, the data will be read-out from the EEPROM and then re-wrote to the replacement chip. After this process the brightness value is calibrated again to ensure the uniformity of the entire system, thus providing easy and fast maintainability. At the same time, the system records every displays’ initial calibration data to avoid uneven brightness caused by led attenuation. The updated screen brightness calibration data and recorded data, both ensure the uniformity of
the display’s brightness over a period of time.


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